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Shane Davis Financial Secretary

Shane Davis Financial Secretary

September 17, 2020

Hello 2209! In this episode we talk to Shane Davis local 2209s Financial Secretary. 


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Labor day Episode

Labor day Episode

September 4, 2020

Welcome 2209 listeners today we have a short episode!

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Amalgamated units 8am-4pm Wednesday September 16th flu shot rsvp before September 10th call (260)672-2209


Deadline to register to vote Oct. 5th

Greater Allen County cap council facebook page


Phone banking:

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Or call (260)672-2209


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Susan Taylor Adapt/Manpower Rep

Susan Taylor Adapt/Manpower Rep

August 21, 2020

Welcome 2209! In this episode we talk to Susan Taylor the Adapt/Manpower Rep.

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Jim Peters and Amalgamated Units of Local 2209

Jim Peters and Amalgamated Units of Local 2209

August 13, 2020

Hello, 2209 listeners! Today we talk with Jim Peters the newly elected Vice President of Local 2209. We discuss amalgamated units of 2209. Thank you for listening!


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Local 2209 EAP rep

Local 2209 EAP rep

August 5, 2020

Welcome 2209 Listeners! Today we have Marcia the first shift EAP Rep. 

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UAW-GM Suggestion Plan

UAW-GM Suggestion Plan

July 29, 2020

Welcome 2209 listeners! Today we talk to Dwight Wilson about the UAW-GM Suggestion Plan. 


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Standing Committees

Standing Committees

July 23, 2020

Welcome 2209 Listeners! In this episode Mike sits down with Amy, and Holli to discuss standing committees and the runoff election coming up on August 6th.


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Benefits Rep Manny

Benefits Rep Manny

July 21, 2020

Welcome 2209 Listeners! In this episode we have manny 1 of the benefits reps at FWA. This is a great episode, with lots of info.


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Phil Ratkos

Phil Ratkos

July 8, 2020

In this episode we interview Phil Ratkos, we talk about what Phil does in the plant, the new workday program, and all kinds of good stuff!

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Local 2209 Steve Lanier Episode 5

Local 2209 Steve Lanier Episode 5

June 23, 2020

On this episode we have Steve Lanier, an American Legion member, former MLK Award winner, and member of the Election Committee. Steve discusses his involvement with the UAW, American Legion, and how he ties all that in to benefit our members and community. If you would like to get ahold of Steve to volunteer or have questions, you can email him at

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